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Due to my husband Jim's issues with his heart, we have decided to sell our farm and move into town.  It was a very sad decision to have to make.  I have so enjoyed raising our puppies and I always looked forward to dressing them up for their weekly photos.  I will treasure the wonderful emails and phone calls from the many friends that we have made over the years.  I look forward to continuing to hear from all of you!  Thank you all very much for your friendship and support over the years.   ***The puppies that are currently posted on our website will be our last.   All of our remaining puppies have been reserved.



(Personal checks, Money orders or PayPal may be used for puppy deposits.) 

All sales subject to 5% North Dakota sales tax.

Puppies shown & picked up by appointment only, please!

Sorry, we will not ship our puppies!!  Absolutely no exceptions.


Happy Summer from Harry the Cat, and all of us here at Barkin Barnyard Kennels!


If you would like to use a credit card or PayPal for your deposit, or to pay for your puppy in full, you can click on the link below.  Be sure to add 5% North Dakota sales tax to your total.  Please contact me for the availability and total purchase price of the puppy before sending your payment.






 Morkie Puppies! 

 (Maltese-Yorkie Hybrid)

Non Shedding!  Non Allergenic!  

CKC Registered

Males $500 + tax.   Females $600 + tax. 

6-7 pounds at maturity



Tiny Dancer's Morkies were born on June 3rd.  They will be ready to go to their new homes on July 25th.    Here are Tiny Dancer's Morkies!!


Below is Tiny Dancer's Female Morkie Puppy #1.  This is a darling little puppy!  She is very petite and she is quite the little snuggle-bug!

SOLD!!  A Surprise for Greta!!  Ready to go July 25th.


Below is Tiny Dancer's Female Morkie Puppy #2.  Rylee is such a pretty little puppy!  She has a gentle and sweet temperament.  She loves to give puppy kisses!

"Rylee"  SOLD to Debbie!!  Ready to go July 25th.


Below is Tiny Dancer's ONLY Male Morkie Puppy.  This little guy has a friendly and easy going personality.  He loves to be picked up and talked to, and his little tail is always wagging!

"Miles"  SOLD!!  Ready to go July 25th.




 APR or ACA Registered Miniature Schnauzers

Males $400   Females $450 + tax  

Non Shedding!  Non Allergenic!

Miniature Schnauzers make wonderful pets.  They are extremely  smart and enjoy being part of a family.  They are a non shedding breed, and are not "yippy" at all.  Mini Schnauzers are great with children.  They are patient, gentle and loyal little dogs.   Ours should weigh about 12 to 15 pounds when fully grown.  You can look at the Mini Schnauzers on the Previous Puppies Page of our website to see some of the different colors.


Mini Schnauzers!!

Gertie's Mini Schnauzers were born on May 26th.  They are ready to go to their new homes now.     Here are Gertie's puppies!


Below is Gertie's Female Mini Schnauzer Puppy #1.  This is such a pretty little puppy.  She is very loving and she likes giving puppy kisses!

"Willow"  SOLD to The Seeger Kids!!  Ready to go now.


Below is Gertie's Male Mini Schnauzer Puppy #2.  This little guy is so adorable!  He is one of Gertie's smaller puppies.  He has a quiet and gentle temperament, and he loves to be picked up and held.

SOLD to The Paulson Family!!  Ready to go now.



More Mini Schnauzers!!

Elsa's Mini Schnauzers were born on May 31st.   They are ready to go home  now.     Here are Elsa's puppies!


Below is Elsa's Female Mini Schnauzer Puppy #1.  Maggie is a happy, good natured puppy.  She loves to be petted and held, and she seems quite smart, too!

"Maggie"  Also SOLD to The Paulson Family!!  Ready to go now.


Below is Elsa's Female Mini Schnauzer Puppy #2.  Odessa is such a beautiful puppy!  She is quite the little snuggler, and her little tail is always wagging.

"Odessa"  SOLD to Jordan & Nina!!  Ready to go now.


Below is Elsa's Male Mini Schnauzer Puppy #1.  Baylor is a gentle, sweet tempered puppy.  He is going to make a great little couch potato!  He loves to be held and talked to.  He is a very snuggly little fellow!

"Baylor"  SOLD to Danielle & Matt!!  Ready to go now.


Below is Elsa's Male Mini Schnauzer Puppy #3.  This little guy loves to be held and cuddled.  He has a gentle, easy going temperament.  He is always ready with the puppy kisses, too!

SOLD to The Hoornaert Family!!  Ready to go now.





"What is the best way to train my new puppy?"

We are often asked about the best way to set up a puppy in his new home.  We are not big fans of locking a little puppy in a kennel for hours at a time.  This tends to make for a very unhappy little puppy!  What we have found works best for both the puppy and his owner is to purchase a Puppy Playpen.  Place his food and water inside.  His piddle pad (or puppy litterbox), his bed and his toys can also be put inside of the playpen with him. This way, your puppy will have his own safe area where he can see you and your family.  He won't be able to damage your home, and you can give him more freedom as he gets older and becomes housebroken.  He also will be able to get used to all the comings and goings of family members and everybody will have easy access to your newest addition!

Below is a picture of a very nice area set up for new puppies.  Thanks very much to Marlys for sending in this picture of her contented little PapiPoo and LhasaChon, Crissy and Chloe.

Below is another picture of an excellent set up for a new puppy. Thanks to Deb for sharing this one!



Every puppy born and raised here at Barkin' Barnyard Kennels will have current shots and will be wormed before going to its new home.  All puppies come with a health guarantee.  You will also receive a sample of Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Food, which is what we feed all of our puppies.  We will ALWAYS be available to answer any questions you may have after you take your puppy home!